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Welcome to RheumaTV, your premier destination for rheumatology education and collaboration. Our platform is dedicated to empowering rheumatology specialists and physicians by providing a comprehensive array of academic resources The platform showcases clinically challenging case studies, enlightening journal reviews, and interactive quizzes, and utilizes our specialized rheumatology calculator to deepen your understanding of rheumatological conditions. Enrich your learning experience with engaging formats such as webinar series, live case discussions, and expert talks delivered by healthcare professionals and subject matter experts.

Explore our Student Corner, where lectures covering diverse topics in rheumatology are curated specifically for PG and UG students, serving as invaluable educational resources to enhance your knowledge and skills in the field. Case Discussion section offers a comprehensive approach to learning through recorded case presentations, live discussions, and quizzes focused on various rheumatological disorders.

Section on Webinar Lecture Series features an extensive lineup of topics including Investigations in Rheumatology, Expert Talks, Tofacitinib in Rheumatology, DMARDs – RA Module series, and much more. RheumaTV serves as an invaluable resource hub, fostering continuous learning, collaboration, and knowledge exchange within the rheumatology community. All videos of lectures, webinars, and case discussions are available as a resource backup on our platform, ensuring viewers can engage in learning at their convenience.

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