Learn through cases Live case discussions Recorded Case discussions

Under this section, we offer programs that cover recorded case presentations, live case discussions, and case quizzes on a variety of rheumatological disorders. Use these opportunities to your advantage to learn more about the various rheumatological diseases through case discussions.

Learn through case quiz

The quiz section allows the participant to assess his understanding in various rheumatology and medical conditions.
  It is intended to give the reader in-depth knowledge and the most recent information on a variety of clinical conditions and their management. Take the quiz to enhance your knowledge with these informative multiple-choice questions.

Live case discussions

In live case discussions, the presenter/participant discusses the clinical case scenario while the health professional experts contribute their views and perspectives concerning how the case can be managed. These sessions aid in educating participants on how to assess a clinical case carefully under various circumstances. You become familiar with the various rheumatological conditions and how to treat them.

Recorded Case discussions

In these videotaped case discussions, the presenter (health professional expert) discusses in great depth a clinical case involving a variety of illnesses by posing questions and coming up with his or her conclusions.