23-year-old female with a two-year history of neck pain and polyarthritis, dry mouth, hair loss, and skin rashes – 11/05/2022


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Note Correct answers and Discussion of the case from an expert are available after completing all the Questions.

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The probable diagnosis to be considered with respect to her clinical features are following except

Clinical and laboratory investigations

Liver function tests

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The results of the tests which could suggest


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The following the tests are recommended for further diagnosis

Further test

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The following probability is increased in context of the preceding findings

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By applying criteria current patient can be grouped into what diagnosis

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The following distinguishes the diagnosis of SLE from other CTDs except

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The final diagnosis of the case is

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The following test helps to rule out Sjogren’s syndrome

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The following symptoms of the patient fulfills the following clinical SLICC criteria


A 23-year-old female presented with a two-year history of neck pain and polyarthritis. She complains of dry mouth, hair loss, and skin rashes for 1 month. She had a history of tuberculosis treated with anti-tuberculotic drugs. What could the definitive diagnosis be?