60-year-old male with discoloration of fingers and pain in the left hand and both KNEES – 18/05/2022


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current Clinical reports

current Clinical reports - 2

current Clinical reports

current Clinical reports

current Clinical reports

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What are the further test recommended

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Positive ANA indicates the possibility of the following in this case

further report

further report - 2

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The following criteria of primary Raynaud’s phenomenon are not satisfied in this case

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What is the final diagnosis?

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WHO diagnostic criteria of essential thrombocythemia include the following except


A 60-year-old male presented with the bluish discoloration of three middle three fingers on both sides and intermittent pain in the left hand for the past 4 months. He was also experiencing pain and swelling in the knee joints. What can be the diagnosis?

Take the quiz to learn more about the case and how it was analyzed. The discussion at the end of the case provides detailed information.