61- year-old female school teacher, experiencing pain and early morning stiffness for the past 6 years


Case quiz study - 20/07/2022

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  • It’s designed to help the reader to learn about the clinical features, investigations to be performed, any clinical interventions, and how to conclude the diagnosis
  • Take the quiz to enhance your ability to diagnose the case.

Note Correct answers and Discussion of the case from an expert are available after completing all the Questions.

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The following are the probable diagnosis to be considered except

img - 5

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SLE is a possibility because of

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The following features rules out the possibility of SLE except


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X-ray of hands indicates


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X-ray of pelvis and spine indicates

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These findings indicate the probability of developing sjogren’s syndrome

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What is the final diagnosis of the case?


The 61-year-old, female patient had a long-standing RA of 6 years duration and was on alternative therapy for the past 5 years and intermittent NSAIDs. She had severe dry mouth/eyes, significant weight loss, reduced appetite, and back pain. The patient was immobile with minimal swelling and pain. Can you find out what the case’s final diagnosis is?