A 55-year-old female with left knee pain for 15 years, neck and low back pain


Case quiz study - 01/06/2022


  • Case quiz study exposes you to a step-by-step analysis of the case discussed.
  • The MCQs poser is placed in critical junctures where the reader can exercise his thoughts in diagnosis by answering them.
  • It’s designed to help the reader to learn about the clinical features, investigations to be performed, any clinical interventions, and how to conclude the diagnosis
  • Take the quiz to enhance your ability to diagnose the case.

Note Correct answers and Discussion of the case from an expert are available after completing all the Questions.


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The probable diagnosis to be considered except

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Elevated ESR, CRP indicates likely

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X-ray of knees and pelvis indicates

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The following tests are recommended for a more thorough diagnosis except

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What is the final diagnosis of the case?

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The following ASAS criteria of spondyloarthropathy are fulfilled except


A 55-year-old postmenopausal woman visited the clinic with complaints of pain in her left knee for
15 years, early morning stiffness, neck, and low back pain. Find out what the case diagnosis is.