An elderly male presenting with non-deforming, symmetrical, inflammation of large joints and proximal muscle weakness in lower limbs, dry eyes and urticarial rashes


Case quiz study -11/01/2023

  • A case quiz study exposes you to a step-by-step analysis of the case discussed.
  • The MCQs poser is placed in critical junctures where the reader can exercise his thoughts in diagnosis by answering them.
  • It’s designed to help the reader to learn about the clinical features, investigations to be performed, any clinical interventions, and how to conclude the diagnosis
  • Take the quiz to enhance your ability to diagnose the case.

Note Correct answers and a Discussion of the case from an expert are available after completing all the Questions.

Patient history

Patient history

Medical history


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The following are the probable differential diagnosis except

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The possibility of drug-induced polymyositis can be due to the following drug

Clinical investigations

Diagnostic tests

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The following features increase the possibility of sarcoidosis

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The following are the further investigations to be performed

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The case is finally diagnosed as

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The following features of the Polymyositis classification criteria are fulfilled in the present case except