Eye and Rheumatology Series – 4 : Anterior Uveitis



Dr. Padmamalini discussed the clinical clues in the differential diagnosis of anterior uveitis. A detailed history and a thorough clinical examination remain the most important diagnostic tools for uveitis evaluation. Working on uveitis is like being a detective, putting the unlikely clues together to arrive at a correct diagnosis.


Dr. Sai Bhaktis Mishra discussed the investigations in anterior uveitis based on a clinical presentation to approach management in anterior uveitis. Based on the clinical presentation, we must order the appropriate investigations in a tailormade approach for the management in a case of anterior uveitis.


An ophthalmologist’s perspective on the management of anterior uveitis was discussed by Dr. Sanjay. In the treatment of anterior uveitis, it is important to have a systemic review, to ensure the condition is acute/recurrent/chronic, with the previous episode with tell-tale signs. Remnants of KPs, pigment clumps on the anterior lens capsule, posterior synechiae, and anterior synechiae help in identifying the condition.


A Rheumatologist perspective for the management of anterior uveitis was discussed by Dr. Chandrashekara. S. Recognizing the add-on cause of the condition helps in identifying the most appropriate treatment. The stepwise approach to immune suppression is the key to the treatment.


Watch this video to learn more about anterior uveitis.