Eye and Rheumatology Series- 5 Uveitis Part 2


Dr. Sanjay S spoke about intermediate uveitis. Inflammation in the vitreous humor, ciliary body, or peripheral retina is known as intermediate uveitis. Treatment of intermediate uveitis includes periocular steroids, oral corticosteroids, and systemic immunomodulatory therapy.

Dr. Padmamalini discussed the approach to posterior uveitis. Posterior uveitis is the inflammation of the retina and choroid portion of the eye. It is important to distinguish between retinitis and choroiditis. The use of appropriate imaging and investigations can help in reaching a diagnosis.

Dr. Ankush spoke about panuveitis. It is the inflammation of the anterior and posterior segments of the eye. In infectious panuveitis, based on a specific infection, specific therapy and steroids are given as treatment.

Watch this video to learn more about intermediate uveitis, posterior uveitis, and panuveitis.