Eye and Rheumatology Series- 6 Orbital Inflammation


Dr. Roshmi Gupta discussed orbital inflammation and the perspective of an ophthalmologist. Orbital inflammation is a proptosed, and painful red eye, with reduced ocular movement with or without diminished vision. The clinical features and diagnosis with clinical case scenarios were discussed. 20% of patients present with sub-acute, mass lesion and minimal pain in the eye whereas 80% of patients present with acute onset, pain, redness, chemosis, and proptosis.
Dr. Chandrashekara. S discussed the rheumatologist’s perspective on orbital inflammation. The treatment approach for this condition is short-term and long-term steroids. In cases, where the condition continues immunosuppressants are introduced. Management of orbital inflammation is explained by a clinical scenario.
To learn more, watch this video on eye and rheumatology series 6- orbital inflammation by Dr. Roshmi Gupta and Dr. Chandrashekara. S.