Eye and Rheumatology Series- 7


Dr. Namita Dave discussed the imaging in uveitis: the bigger picture on inflammation. The methods used in the anterior eye segment imaging are slit lamp Biomicroscopy, confocal, anterior segment, and Optical coherence tomography (OCT). Ultrasound biomicroscopy and anterior segment OCT are used in intermediate imaging whereas in posterior eye segment imaging, multimodal imaging, adaptive optics, and B scan are used.
Dr. Sai Bhakti Mishra discussed the Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) toxicity and the screening guidelines. HCQ can cause pathologic ocular damage unless strict prescribing and screening guidelines are followed. To prevent ocular toxicity and detect retinal damage at an early stage, screening protocols and safe dosing guidelines were introduced in clinical research.
Dr. A.N. Roy discussed the rheumatology perspective on HCQ & eye. HCQ is an essential component in the care of many rheumatic diseases, with the major dose-limiting toxicity of retinopathy. Reduced doses for most patients were recommended according to the new guidelines. He also discussed the recent study that showed a good correlation between high blood HCQ levels with retinopathy.
To learn more about the imaging methods in uveitis, HCQ toxicity, and screening guidelines, watch
this video on Eye and Rheumatology Series- 7 by our experts.


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