Eye and Rheumatology Series – Episcleritis and Scleritis


Clinical evaluation of episcleritis & scleritis and interpretation of the differential diagnosis of episcleritis and scleritis were discussed by Dr. Ankush. AS- angiography helps to detect early/ subclinical necrotizing scleritis/ sclero-keratitis, motoring inflammation, and scleral grafting to demarcate the necrotized area.

Dr. Namita discussed the treatment protocols for scleritis. Associated systemic inflammatory disease or those with necrotizing anterior or posterior scleritis requires systemic immunosuppressive medication.

A rheumatological perspective on investigations & treatment protocol in scleritis was discussed by Dr. Dharmanand. The first line, second-line treatments, and steroid-sparing strategy for scleritis were discussed. Necrotizing anterior and posterior scleritis requires intense treatment when compared to diffuse and nodular non-necrotizing disease.

Watch this video to learn more about episcleritis and scleritis.