Investigation in Rheumatology series-5

Dr. (Lt General) (Prof) Ved Chaturvedi discussed the diagnostic utility of ultrasound in Rheumatology and its application in synovial fluid hypertrophy, bone erosion, tendon disease, enthesitis, Baker’s cyst, Rotator Cuff Disease, joint aspiration, and injection. USG is useful in the diagnosis, follow-up, and management of RA patients. It has diagnostic as well as predictive values. USG is better than MRI in detecting fine calcifications and vascularity.

Dr. Sajjan Shenoy discussed MSK Ultrasound (USG) as being an excellent investigative and interventional tool in rheumatological diseases. The efficacy of joint fluid aspiration and local corticosteroid injection is improved with US guidance. MSK USG is an excellent investigative and interventional tool in rheumatic diseases. It is applicable for both diagnostic and interventional.