Investigations in Rheumatology Series-3

Discussion on technique, methods, and characteristic features of CRP ESR, NLR by Dr. Renuka. ESR is a prognostic test useful in monitoring inflammatory disease and response to therapy. CRP is a predictive marker in atherosclerosis, CHF, Atrial fibrillation, myocarditis, aortic valve disease, and heart transplantation as it is a clinical measure of inflammation and an independent predictor of cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Chandrashekara. S spoke about the inflammatory parameters in rheumatology, interpretation of their results and attributes to be considered, ratio relations, and baseline rheumatic disease impact. The commonly used parameters are CRP, ESR, NLR, TC, Ferritin, C3, C4, Serum albumin, and Procal. The mechanism of production of APR and positive-negative acute phase proteins and their relation to cytokines are discussed.


ANAMyositis profile
RF, Anti-CCPMyositis profile
CRP ESR, NLR Other Newer antibodies
ANCAConventional radiography
C3, C4, ferritin and other parametersUSG in rheumatology
HLA-B27MRI in rheumatology
Anti-phospholipid antibodiesNewer markers