Quiz on anterior uveitis


Quiz on anterior uveitis

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Berlin’s nodule can be seen in which condition?

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Fuchs’ uveitis syndrome is characterized by all of the following features except

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VZV anterior uveitis is characterised by

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A 44-year-old gentleman presents with complaints of back stiffness with radiological features of ‘dagger spine sign’. He also complained of redness, pain, and photophobia in the left eye for 2 days. Which of the following are the tests would you like to assess in this case?

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A 7-year-old boy presents with hypopyon anterior uveitis in the right eye. Which of the following tests will be LEAST considered to make a diagnosis of his systemic condition?

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A 5-year-old girl presents with complaints of fever, papular skin rashes, and swollen knee joints, wrists, and ankles bilaterally. Ocular examination revealed the presence of chronic bilateral granulomatous anterior uveitis with conjunctival cysts. Her mother and 10-year-old brother also had similar symptoms. All the following tests may be necessary to make a diagnosis in this case, EXCEPT?


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